Newsletter May 2015

A Tribute to Ekal’s Parinam Kumbh

By Prakash Waghmare, EVF, PR Publicity Media, National Committee Member
Ekal’s Parinam Kumbh was a huge success and hence as a tribute we ensured that this event received a good coverage in the ethnic US media befitting its significance. The write-up (with the pictures) that I prepared appeared in over dozen publications all across USA (even if attributed to 'Our Media Desk' or 'Staff Writer/Reporter' etc) between mid-March to mid-April. Some of these publications, in addition to hard copies, also have Web and e-mail distribution (of tens of thousands of soft-copies).
The publications which gave extensive exposure to our Kumbh-Event are : (1) India Post - Chicago & California (2) Indian Express - N.A. Edition (3) Tiranga-In-New Jersey (4) News-India Times/Gujarat Times - National (5) Indian Panorama - NY/NJ & Dallas,Tx (6) India Journal - California (7) India West - California (8) India Herald - Houston (9) Indo-American News - Houston (10) India Tribune - Chicago & National PLUS two forthcoming periodicals - 'Hindu Vishwa' : National & 'Desh Videsh' : Florida, Atlanta etc.
Further, Aspen Nehra from Boston has come out with a remarkable article on Ekal in “India Abroad” dated April 17, 2015. Her first-person 'eye-witness' account of Ekal-villages and also about Ekal's internship program is quite impressive and worth reading.


My experiences during the earthquake in Kathmandu, Nepal by Ma. Shyamjee

I was one of the 70 senior Seva Varties of Ekal – Nepal who was singing and chanting when the earthquake of great magnitude hit Nepal. The building in which the sessions took place shook very badly. But, luckily being a recent construction along with earthquake proof materials, the building did not collapse. Around 250 Ekal villages in Nepal are affected very badly and rescue operations are yet to reach in some of those remote villages. I request everyone to contribute generously to the ‘Nepal Relief Fund’ at EVFI. With nearly 10,000 people being affected, I appeal everyone to contact the following team in Nepal with their help and contributions.
1- Shri Om Prakash Saraf ( 00977-9801620038 ) -
2- Shri Sunil Agrawal ( 00977-9851022029 )-
3- Shri Vinod Poddar ( 00977- 9851081569 ) -
4- Shri Mahavir Ghiraiya ( 00977-9851030503) -


Chintan Baithak at Coimbatore: Ekal Vision 2025

The program was conducted under the supervision of Friends of Tribal Society, Coimbatore chapter for 3 days to plan out the vision for Ekal in next ten years. Nearly 40 members from all over India attended the program and the committee members saw to it that no stones were left unturned to make the program a success. At Chintan Baithak the management concept of SWOT analysis was employed to define the goals and proposals for Ekal Vision 2025. The 40 members were divided into four groups who were given three topics each to brain storm and present their key discussion points to the entire group. The following key points emerged in the final discussion for approval by the Ekal Abhiyaan Trust Board:
  • To reach 1 lakh schools
  • Model for Gramothaan
  • Model for Arogya
  • Technological Intervention and Digital Learning
  • PR, Branding and Promotion in media, including social media
  • SVOs & SPOs coordination
  • Sanskaar Shikshaa of Ekal
  • Policy formulation regarding Quality, Training and Capacity Building of Acharyas/Karyakartas


May 2015 Yuva Ekal Event 2015

The Yuva Ekal Event was conducted on 30.03.2015 at Hotel Kalchuri Residency, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker of the event Shri Madhavendra Singh noted the importance of the role of youth in the moral development of the country and place emphasis on the fruition of the idea of Educated Bharat, Healthy Bharat, and Prosperous Bharat. The program came to an end with the interactive session with the students who were present in the gathering.


New Projects at Gramotthan Sansadhan Kendra, Gargaon (Wada)

On 28th March, 2015 the Ram Janmotsav was celebrated with Gopuja and the event was marked with the inauguration and commissioning of Dolly Thadani Briquetting Machine for agricultural and forest produce/waste. This imported machine from Germany is used to make briquettes from grass, wood, rice bran, other agricultural straws, etc. It is to be noted that this would save cost and would be convenient to transport, storage and handling of the raw materials.


World Health Day at Arogya Bhavan

The World Health Day was celebrated at Arogya Bhavan on 7th April 2015. The event was jointly organised by National Medicos Organization & Arogya Foundation of India. Several dignitaries including the 30 Arogya Sevikas from Ranchi, Palamu, Lohardaga, Giridih and Dhanbad who had attended the 7 days training program participated in the event. The training program with 15 doctors & trainers aimed at training methods to control anaemia in rural women, traditional medicine, first aid and preventive measures for communicable diseases.


Annual Day Functions

Annual Day Functions were held at Thandikudi Sanch in Dindigul Anchal and in Gobi Anchal, in Tamilnadu on 12th April 2015 and 7th April 2015 respectively. The function at the above places were well attended by the Ekal students, public, samithis and karyakarthas. The event was marked with several programs to honour the participants and gifts were distributed.


Sri Rama Navami Celeberations at Ekal Villages

Sri Rama Navami was celebrated in all anchals of Tamilnadu with great enthusiasm. The lighting of the lamp was done by Grama Samithi/ elders of the village. The students offered flowers to the deity and wrote “Sri Rama” 108 times. Children were also dressed like Sri Rama and taken around the village making it an occasion to be cherished for their parents and the general public of the village.


Free Health Check-up

Free health check-up was conducted on 22.02.2015 at Ekal Vidyalaya of Bagalkot Anchal, SVO Mahila Samiti. The program ensured a free health check-up to all the children.


Sports Meet

Ekal Vidyalaya, Avijan organised Sports Meet for Ekal children at Maa Chandramayi Sanch, Rampurhat Anchal on 09th March 2015 in a grand manner. Children participated in large numbers with great enthusiasm.


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