Financial Support

5 to 7 % at the H.Q. of support agency and Project Area level

H.Q. of support agency 5% Corpus
  15% Central Training and other arrangements
Project Area Center 5% School in process and other arrangements
  75% Existing Schools
Money transaction at all level is strictly done through Bank A/c only
1. School Adoption Annual ($ 365) Rs.20,000/-
2. Child Adoption Annual ($ 10) Rs.500/-
3. Child Adoption For three years ($ 20) Rs.1,000/-
4. Child Adoption Lifetime ($ 60) Rs.3,000/-

Approximately in 5 years In some regions it takes 6 to 7 years Expectations for local contribution:

Village level Teacher's Honorarium and Teaching Aids
Cluster and Sub Area level Trainings and Travel Expenses
Project Area level Honorarium and Office Expenses
  • The schools is not closed
  • The alternative arrangement is by finding a new donor from the corpus fund
  • Yes, it is possible. A flax banner with the donor's name printed, is sent to the school to be pasted on the sign board.
  • School are being allotted to the donor twice in a year i.e., in month April (Ram Navami) & October (Deepavali)
  • Monthly Account Report (MAR)
  • Monthly Work Report (MWR)
  • Quarterly Work Report (QWR)
Checking by the Project Section In-charge (by Office staff)
Approval by the H.Q. Coordinator
Analytical study by the sub-committee (field related office work)

Regular audit arrangements at all the three levels

  • Center
  • Chapter
  • Project Area