Field Working

No, absolutely not. Our approach is very positive.

After getting empowered through functional educations, the villagers would be so organised that no body would dare to think of exploiting them.

  • There is one full department consisting of separate trusts in different states to take care of the their occasional family need.
  • Through vermicompost and self help group the families of our workers would be getting sufficient financial support very soon.

In the states where we have completed 5 years, the ratio of such students with the pass out students from Ekal Vidyalaya is 72%.

They get admission in nearby govt. schools in class 3 or 4.

For rest of students we conduct weekly coaching classes.

  • Drop out rate for students is - 9%
  • Drop out rate for teacher is - 15%
  • Drop out rate for full timers is - 12%
  • Almost more than 48%.
  • In same states like Kerala, W.Bengal almost all the teachers are ladies.

With the help of different State Voluntary Organisations having very good service track record for so many years.