Economic Development

  • Financial support for village development fund
  • Guidance for the marketing the produce
  • Encourage entrepreneurial skills

Vishnpur Block, Gumla District, Jharkhand State - 125 kms. From Ranchi Organization: Vikas Bharati.

  • Agricultural growth
  • Employment opportunities other than agriculture.
  • Water shed
  • Social Forestry
  • Food Processing
  • House hold industries
  • Bee Keeping
  • Vegetable cultivation
  • Organic Compost
  • Active village committees
  • Ekal Vidyalaya's network and the team of full time workers

Yes, the training is given to all. This program is undertaken where the Ekal Vidyalay Project is running since atleast 3 years

  • No, the govt. schemes are not effective, because:
  • Lack of political will
  • Wide spread corruption
  • Low level of commitment of administrative setup
  • N.G.Os. play a very important role
  • Creating awareness amongst the villagers
  • Create pressure group with the help of village organization to implement the govt. schemes
  • Effective instrument for implementation

The network of local committees and the team of full time workers is put to use