Child Follow-Up

  • By developing the interest for education among the parents and villagers
  • By encouraging the children to go to the nearest govt. school
  • By encouraging the village committee to start their own school (self sufficient)

By the active involvement of the villagers through the village committees, pressure is created on the govt. schools to improve the management

Yes, they do come! Because, the schools are irregular and very little education is imparted. And even if education is imparted, the non-formal method of teaching attracts the children to our schools

Yes, we can start formal schools. Such schools can be looked after by a separate organization named Vidya Bharati.

Authorized to conduct test for 3rd / 5th standards and to issue certificates under National Open School Program

  • Regular Competitions
  • Special prize schemes to encourage - like  Sidharth Prize Scheme in Jharkhand state

Yes, it is under consideration. This is possible when the ability and stability of our training team develops